About Us Page Examples

About Us Page Examples

Your About Us page is where you'll introduce yourself and your organization, tell your story, promote your products and services, highlight your achievements, and lay out your vision for the future.

In this article we'll look at a number of examples of About Us pages to help inspire you to create your own so you can tell your story to the world in the most effective way.

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Why Should You Have an About Us Page?

In a world of impersonal corporations and organizations, your About Us page can set you apart from the competition by giving you a face, a personality, and a story.

You can think of your About Us page as a 30-second elevator pitch for website visitors interested in learning about who you are and what you do.

Many visitors will check out About Us pages to learn about the company and people behind the products and services they're thinking about buying.

By establishing trust and building trust on the front end, you'll have more success turning visitors into loyal long-term customers.

What Should You Include in Your About Us Page?

What Should You Include in Your About Us Page?

About Us pages generally include brief histories because most visitors want to know a little about the companies and organizations they buy from, donate to, and volunteer for.

Many well-written About Us pages also include/cover:

  • What the organization does and where it operates
  • What sets it apart from the competition
  • Bios of key players
  • Short product overviews
  • Important milestones
  • Customer testimonials
  • Noteworthy innovations
  • Obstacles that were overcome
  • Strategic mergers and acquisitions
  • Links to blog posts and social media pages

Another great way to make your About Us page pop is to include images. These can be photos of the founder with or without his or her family, executives, frontline employees, products, facilities, and happy customers to name just a few.

Most customers like seeing who they'll be working with instead of just reading about them, but cartoon images may make more sense if you don't want to come across as overly stiff and formal.

And last, many About Us pages take the interactive approach by including call to action links that allow visitors to do things like:

  • Make a donation
  • Create an account
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Speak with a representative
  • Request a quote or additional information

We've all heard that you only get one chance to make a first impression. The fact is that most visitors will form an impression of you and your company based on your website's About Us page, so it needs to be sincere, thorough, and well-written.

Your About Us page should not be:

  • Visually unappealing
  • Boring
  • Overly busy
  • Impersonal
  • Boastful
  • Filled with facts and figures that don't interest or aren't relevant to your readers, or even worse, that are deceptive and inaccurate

About Us Page Examples

About Us Page Examples

There's no one right format for an effective and attractive About Us page.

In fact, your About Us page is a great place to let your creativity and personality shine through. Just remember that the final product should be simple, appealing, sincere, and engaging.

In this section, we'll look at a number of About Us page examples from some well-known companies, organizations, and government entities.

Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm's About Us page incorporates a number of elements that make it simple, eye-catching, and visually appealing.

Pepperidge Farm makes a bold but straightforward statement - We Are Bakers - so everyone knows exactly what the company does right out of the gate:

Pepperidge Farm About Us page: We are Bakers headline section

With more than $700 million in revenue and nearly 2,000 employees, it's easy to assume that Pepperidge Farm has always been a mega-corporation. That's why it's important to let readers know that the company was founded in a home kitchen.

This brief quote from company founder Margaret Rudkin adds a nice personal touch that may surprise many visitors:

Pepperidge Farm About Us page: Founder quote section

In each of the previous examples, Pepperidge Farm includes vivid images beside text set in eye-catching but not overly flashy colors as backgrounds to make this a visually-appealing layout.

Lender's Bagels

Lender's Bagels' Our Story page is another standout example because it's fun, simple, and concise.

In this example, the top of the page shows three black and white photographs (one is of the founder's son Murray Lender) with the text - Bakers of Better Bagels Since 1927:

Lenders Bagels Our Story About Us page: Photograph collage

The example below shows how the company's Our Story page incorporates short sentences, likable cartoon characters, and an appealing two-tone color scheme, all to get across the history of the business as a family bakery:

Lenders Bagels Our Story About Us page: Cartoon

Mack Trucks

Few companies enjoy better brand recognition than Mack Trucks.

In this example, the company starts by showing off a few of its impressive machines at the top of its About Mack page:

Mack Trucks About Us page: Title image

However, Mack doesn't take its hard-earned reputation for granted.

Instead, it's About Mack page it lets readers know:

  • What the company does
  • That the company has been around for more than a century
  • That Mack trucks are sold and serviced in 30 countries around the world

This is done in short and simple paragraphs. While it doesn't use colors and cartoons as the previous examples, the clean lines and straightforward text works well with the brands image as strong, classic and streamlined:

Mack Truck About Us page excerpt

John Deere

John Deere is another American manufacturing company with incredible name recognition. Most people are familiar with John Deere's iconic green and yellow lawn tractors and farm equipment even if they've never actually used one of the company's products.

In its About Deere page, the company takes the direct approach by making a few bold claims:

John Deere About Us page excerpt

Statements like this can foster feelings of inclusivity, and they may even convince some readers that the company isn't strictly motivated by dollars and cents.

Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama's About Us page starts by describing who the site is for and what it will provide. This is a helpful approach so that people know right away who the main audience will be, and what they'll be getting.

In this case, it's women and moms who are interested in improving their health and living a better life through natural remedies, recipes, green cleaning information and diy healthy beauty instructions:

Wellness Mama About Us page: Introduction section

After this, the team is showcased with bios and pictures of each member so you can feel a connection with who's creating the content you'll be consuming on the site.

Here's the bio blurb for founder Katie Wells:

Wellness Mama About Us page: Bio section

This clean, clear structure helps you understand right away what the site is about, and who's behind it, which is a fantastic approach to take when creating an About Us page.

Ben and Jerry's

Ben and Jerrys' About Us page has an interactive interface that lets users see how the company has changed over the decades:

Ben and Jerrys About Us page: Timeline interface

This helps showcase how long the company has been around, and does so in a fun format that's easy to navigate and understand.

Vermont Teddy Bear

Even some diehard teddy bear aficionados may not know that Vermont Teddy Bear was founded more than four decades ago in scenic Burlington, Vermont.

As such, it's no surprise that the company's Who We Are page starts off with the following two paragraphs:

Vermont Teddy Bear About Us Who We Are page excerpt

In just two easy-to-read paragraphs, Vermont Teddy Bear lets visitors know that:

  • The company was founded in 1981 in Burlington, Vermont
  • Each handcrafted bear comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Teddy bears make great gifts for men, women and children
  • The company has a strong sense of corporate responsibility

Another unique element of Vermont Teddy Bear's Who We Are page is that it allows customers to post videos about their experiences with the company's products on Facebook:

Vermont Teddy Bear About Us Who We Are page - Share story excerpt

This interactive approach gives customers the feeling that they're part of an extended family.

Cottontails Cloth Diapers

These days, more and more consumers are choosing to do business with smaller family-run companies instead of large corporations whenever possible.

If you run a family business, there's no better way to highlight your family roots than by including images of you and your family on your About Us page.

In the following example, Cottontails Cloth Diaper Service does just that:

Cottontails Cloth Diaper Service About Us page: Family photo section

Reader's eyes are immediately drawn to the image on the left, and then to the heading in the upper righthand corner of the gray box.

Cottontails also does a good job of touching on a number of pain points that many families with babies can relate to.

Nobody wants their baby to suffer from allergies and painful ashes caused by disposable diapers, and with Cottontails' products, they may not have to. This makes this About Us page very personal, relatable and comforting.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

About Us pages aren't just for private businesses. In fact, they're also used by nonprofits and government entities like the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

In the following example, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources includes its mission statement and objectives at the top of its About page:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources About Us page: Mission statement and objectives excerpt

This approach makes a lot of sense because new visitors can quickly familiarize themselves with the agency's goals and objectives before moving on to other pages that contain more specific information.

Habitat for Humanity

Most charity websites also have About Us pages because prospective donors generally want to know how their hard-earned money will be spent.

In this example, Habitat for Humanity gives readers an overview of what the organization does and where it operates. It gets straight to the point to showcase how wide-reaching this organization is, and what its goals are:

Habitat for Humanity About Us page excerpt

Below the two introductory paragraphs, Habitat for Humanity allows visitors to choose from a number of distinct topics, each of which includes an image and a Learn More link:

Habitat for Humanity About Us page excerpt: Additional links

This is a great approach for large entities with lots of information to convey because visitors can generally find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

Where Should You Display Your About Us Page?

Where Should You Display Your About Us Page?

Most About Us pages are linked to website headers, footers, or both.

Habitat for Humanity's About Us page is linked at the top of the website. Once readers click on the link, they can choose from a number of additional links with more specific information:

Habitat for Humanity website menu with About Us link highlighted

Here's how United Way links to its About Us pages in the footer of its website:

United Way website footer with About links highlighted

Another option is to include About Us page content as text directly on a webpage, such as your homepage, instead of as a link. This is best if you keep the content relatively short, and if it truly heightens the appeal of your company and makes it stand out from the rest.

Here's how Danzeisen Dairy does it:

Danzeisen Dairy homepage with About Us information


About Us pages are distinct webpages where owners can introduce themselves, tell their story, promote products and services, and detail their vision for the future while capturing the history of the company.

Your About Us page can also make you and your organization stand out from stodgy competitors.

When writing your About Us page, tell an engaging story and provide relevant information in a casual, genuine, and professional manner.

Also remember that your About Us page shouldn't be:

  • Boring or visually unappealing
  • Too busy
  • Impersonal or boastful
  • Filled with facts and figures that don't interest your readers

Many well-written About Us pages include images, links and calls to action.

LInk your About Us page to your website header or footer. You can include its text as part of your main homepage if it isn't too long and is that important to the branding of your company.