Affordable Privacy Policies for every style of business

However and wherever your business operates online, we'll generate a Privacy Policy tailor made for you. All Privacy Policies we generate are guaranteed to be at a fraction of the cost of using a lawyer.

Same results, huge savings

Our service comes in at a fraction of the cost of using a lawyer, with exactly the same results. A custom-made Privacy Policy (not one of these cut and paste jobs) that better qualified to protect your business and reassure your customers.

We don't do templates

Every Privacy Policy that we generate is unique, built around the information you provide. We take lots of factors into consideration like your industry, how and where you operate and the technology you use to make sure that your Privacy Policy has you covered as much as possible.

100% jargon-free zone

We don't speak legalese. The questions we ask are simple, straightforward and designed to get us the information we need to build you a watertight Privacy Policy.

Free hosting or free download

We host your Privacy Policy for free. This means no more copy and paste, and no more worrying about technical details like where to store your Privacy Policy. We'll provide you with a hyperlink that you can put wherever it needs to be.

If you don't like that, we also give you the Privacy Policy in multiple formats that you can download and edit as you wish (HTML, DOCX or PDF).

Stay in the loop

Keep up to date with the latest internet privacy and data protection news over on our blog and find out what we've been up to in our newsletter. No jargon, no legalese, just good information that's easy to understand.