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A Terms and Conditions is an important agreement that your website or app should have. It's not mandatory by law, but it's important have it. It's the agreement where you set out the rules and guidelines for your users.

Through a Terms and Conditions agreement, you maintain your rights to terminate access to users that abuse your website or app. Or, you can maintain your rights to remove any user-generated content on your website or app that may infringe copyright.

We can help you generate a customized Terms and Conditions agreement in around two-three minutes for free.

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Terms & Conditions for iOS & Android apps

In addition to the EULA of your app, you can integrate a Terms and Conditions to better protect your app and business.

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We host your Terms and Conditions for free and you can link to the hosted page from your website or app. Link to it from your custom website, from your Wix website, from your iOS & Android app, it doesn't matter.

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If you prefer to host the generated Terms and Conditions yourself, download it to your computer. The generated Terms and Conditions would be available in multiple formats: HTML, plain text (.TXT file), DOCX or PDF.